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E-commerce client's complaints and Government policies.

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E-commerce is an online platform where customer virtually deals with the company with the help of technical gadgets in order to purchase any product which is an advantage for customers that they can buy anything at their fingertips but, It's not always possible that customer will get satisfied with the product or service and since in e-commerce customer communicates online so there are many chances of customer complaints.

Here we look at the several complaint's customers always do while purchasing any product online:

1. Poor product:

In general purchasing product online, client unable to check the material of product physically hence, if a product breaks by any means or received defective so in this case customer claims a complaint about the poor product.

2. Product out of stock:

As the digital era grows the usage of e-commerce also gets increased and it has opened the doors for big companies which can sell their products online as a result company launches their new products online with good marketing practice as a result product sold out within few hours and then sometimes it takes time in the availability of new stocks so mostly the client complaints about out of stock.

3. Poor customer service:

Sometimes on the off chances customer received defective products then client contact to customer support and many times the client doesn't get a reply or gets irrelevant reply which leads to delay in the resolution so poor after-sales service is a common complaint about client sometimes online platform doesn't provide customer support theis makes client frustrated.

4. Delay in the delivery:

Online platform takes good care that product will be delivered to the client on time but sometimes due to many unexpected circumstances product will be lately delivered to the client which may lead to client's dissatisfaction with the service.

5. Fake product delivery:

It's a mysterious issue many times happened that client ordered a product from the website and client received a completely different product, in such cases much time online platform doesn't take responsibility for the particular incident hence client gets cheated.

Government Policies for client's complaints:

In order to make client's online experience better government has imposed strict rules which help

for clear communication and expected resolution for client's complaints.

Here we will discuss the rules which govt has imposed for online shopping complaints.

1. First of all, if a client complains to the support then it must be acknowledged within 48 hours by the concerned officers.

2. The Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food, and Public Distribution has issued a new set of consumer protection e-commerce regulations, which prohibits e-commerce firms from enforcing cancellation fees on customers who return goods or services they have purchased unless the e-commerce firm bears similar fees.

3. The government also stated to e-commerce companies to translate the clear justification of all the necessary steps such as refund or exchange, warranty, guarantee, mode of payments, etc.. so that client can make a clear decision further.

4. The e-commerce company must provide the customer care number of the seller.