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Live chat support should help you improve your E-commerce sales. How?

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As most of you are aware, customer service can make or break your eCommerce business since it plays a part in maintaining and retaining your existing client connections. In fact, quality customer service is so crucial to customers that more than two-thirds of Americans are prepared to spend extra money on firms that provide excellent customer service. Furthermore, excellent service may easily turn a website visitor into a paying customer.

In light of this, we've decided to provide eight reasons why LiveAgent's live chat software may benefit your online business. Customer loyalty is the foundation of all successful businesses. That loyalty is built over time by offering good items as well as a positive customer experience throughout the sales process. When your B2B or B2C business is online, implementing e-commerce live chat elevates customer service and engagement to a new level, fostering loyalty and trust while significantly increasing sales.

What exactly is e-commerce live chat?

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Live chat is a tool that allows you to help website visitors in real time. Customers may chat with or message a customer support representative online, who can answer their queries right away or recommend goods that will best suit their requirements. This form of on-the-spot communication is becoming increasingly popular, particularly among millennials, who lose interest rapidly if they have to wait for a response.

Live chat platforms often function in one of two ways:

Reactive: The user must initiate assistance by clicking a button that reads "Chat with us" or "Need help?"

Proactive: The user is asked to talk, generally through a pop-up window that opens when certain conditions are met, such as after particular page sequences or if the consumer appears to be about to abandon their shopping basket.

According to one recent research, the success of proactive chat, with a 105% return on investment, much beyond that of reactive chat, which has a 15% return on investment.

Why is e-commerce live chat so crucial?

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Live chat aims to improve the customer experience in a variety of ways. It can:

  • Respond to queries right away;

  • Assist clients in swiftly deciding what they want, and

  • Increase their chances of choosing the proper decision to suit their requirements.

Its value on an eCommerce site cannot be emphasised, as these data from a Telus International benchmark research on Live Chat demonstrate:

Let's check the benefits of e-commerce live chat

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To make life easier Simply said, live chat software allows clients to easily contact your support team. There's no need to dial a number and listen to an instrumental tune until someone from your team answers the phone. A live chat feature may rapidly link a consumer to a support representative, allowing customers to get answers to any issues they may have.

Assume a potential customer wants to know if you can send things to their address and what your shipping prices are. If these are frequently asked questions, you may include a FAQ section in your chatbot that will automatically respond to them.

Customer satisfaction has increased.

According to Zendesk's Benchmark study, live chat has the greatest satisfaction score of any customer care channel, at 92%. This isn't unexpected considering that an instant answer is far faster than other help methods, such as email or social media. However, just like email or social media, it allows customer care representatives to exchange instructional links and papers, which cannot be done over the phone.

To reduce operational expenses

Saving money is a significant advantage of integrating live chat software in your organisation. The trouble is, clients normally contact you via phone or email. However, this takes time for both people involved. It can also get rather costly if you hire individuals to answer the phone and react to emails.

Live chat, on the other hand, enables your customer support representatives to handle several inquiries at the same time. As a result, you may reduce labour expenditures while still allowing your staff to remain productive.

shortened sales cycle

Customers find it difficult to maintain objections when queries are rapidly addressed on the moment, useful advice are offered, and concerns are immediately handled. Instead, customers are pushed fast through the sales cycle to the checkout.

Ensure client satisfaction

Live chat tools were created in order to deliver quick and memorable customer care and assistance. It has the best customer satisfaction score of any customer service channel since it allows you to deliver rapid remedies in the most effective manner possible.

Assume a consumer wants to discover whether purchasing certain things from your online store qualifies them for free shipping. To find the solution, they would simply open the chat widget, send the inquiry, and then wait momentarily for a response.

Human touch combined with convenience

Even when our work and personal lives become increasingly online, we still have a basic desire to be seen and heard for who we are. Customers desire quick and convenient service, and we need to manage our e-commerce business efficiently and scalable. Live chat is the ideal answer since it combines technology with the personal interaction that our clients need.

If you want to increase e-commerce sales and establish long-term loyalty via excellent customer service, live chat is the way to go. It's also the way of the future, the ideal blend of efficient technology and human touch - two things that will never go out of style.

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