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Top 10 most popular trending products to sell on your online store

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You need three things to succeed in e-commerce: high-demand items to sell, the ability to advertise those products, and the will to succeed.

You already have a winning attitude since you're always studying, doing research, and getting ready to succeed. Finding well-liked goods to sell, however, might be difficult. Because of this, we update this list annually to aid in your quest to identify fresh product trends.

The 33 items that will be most in demand in India in 2022 are listed in this blog and might spark new business ventures or allow you to expand your current store. Additionally, you will discover niche-specific advice for attracting new clients because each trendy product is designed for a certain target.

The items on this list are not ranked; rather, they are selected from the most popular trending product categories based on current market demands. These are only the top goods in India that are in great demand. As we continue to conduct consumer market research, we will continue to add more in-demand products to this list. As a result, be sure to bookmark this article and pay close attention to it!

How can I conduct research on the most popular product?

enter image description here Using straightforward tools like Google Trends, you may do your own research to discover the items that are most in demand. To carefully target customers in your target markets and niches, Google Trends enables you to look at the popularity of top Google search queries across multiple locations and languages. Start with the bestseller lists on online shopping sites like Amazon. To get inspiration for your next ground-breaking product concept, you might also harvest local consumer information from various industry studies and websites like Think with Google.

Use keyword research tools like Keywords Everywhere, which give you access to historical monthly trend data and allow you to analyse monthly search volumes for popular products using keywords, to gain additional insights. A filterable and curated dashboard of trending products is also produced by paid services like TrendHunter and Buzzsumo, which combine local and international trends.

Wireless charger

In the case of electronics, the invention itself frequently results in a change in customer behaviour. While premium smartphones have had wireless chargers for a while, the technology is ready to become widely used in 2022. The requirement for quick, consistent charging that is broadly compatible will only increase as the average number of devices used per person rises.

Google trends show peaks and valleys in the amount of searches. While the peaks frequently correspond with major companies' fresh market launches, each trough appears to be accompanied by an increase in search traffic.

Make an investment in producing tech content aimed at early adopters of gadgets to make your wireless charging product stand out in the market. To raise awareness, you could run an influencer campaign in collaboration with top tech reviewers and industry influencers. Additionally, develop a programme for affiliate marketing this product.

Power bank Similar to the rise in popularity of wireless chargers, the need for power banks is also on the rise. With the prevalence of chargeable devices rising, a power bank is a useful addition to the digital toolbox of tech-savvy consumers. Market indicators predict that the trend that started a few years ago will continue into 2022, as Google Trends illustrates below.

The market is competitive and divided with several companies, as with any lasting trend. With more or less equivalent features, tech specifications, and pricing points, innovations in appearance and feel, customizations, forms, etc., might help you stand out from the competition. You must identify your unique USP within the category.

Videography equipment for Smartphone

India has seen a social media content boom because to easy access to cheap cellphones and internet plans. With social media platforms like Instagram reels, the majority of users now act like amateur content producers. Phone tripods, gimbals, and other similar gadgets are a simple, useful investment that encourages creativity, increasing customer search and, as a result, demand.

Focus on usability, dependability, and usefulness when promoting useful practical things like tripods and gimbals; in other words, lead with advantages rather than features in your text. You can collaborate with influencers like vloggers, live streamers, and video producers to run an influencer marketing campaign because they are the ideal target market for these products.

Laptop cover

One of those goods that is unlikely to go out of style anytime soon is laptop sleeves and covers. Laptop sleeves and covers, particularly those with unique and customised designs, are ideal goods to advertise with continuous high search interest, according to Google Trends. Well, this shouldn't be surprising given how much time we spend on our gadgets.

Under flexible marketing items, laptop bags are included. With the help of these hot trends, you can increase sales by focusing on various customer segments according to the brand of laptop they own. Direct emails are a good way to market, as are social media trends.

Nail extensions

The nail-health and fashion trends have been more and more popular in recent years. It's expected to become even more extravagant in 2022. The hottest trends this year include graphic details, patterns, rhinestones, gel extensions, velvet nail paints, and manicure extensions.

A nail extension business may attract attention by personalising, much like other fashion marketing methods. It might begin simply with a newsletter that offers advise on manicures or suggests nail fashion trends.

Tote bags Tote bags have grown in popularity for more than a decade now, with an unique fashion trend moving in the direction of use above appearance. Additionally, there is room for product differentiation based on design and theme, as well as on fabric type, such as cotton, jute, and eco-friendly textiles.

Tote bags can be sold for both their fashion and their practicality. Wearing your motto, viewpoint, interests, favourite bands, or the social causes you support on your sleeve or tote bag is hot right now. With the right marketing, this product might reach practically any market.

Slip-on shoes

Why use laces at all? Slip-on footwear is convenient and cosy to wear. They are ideal for both a weekend trip and business attire because to their adaptability. They may be worn casually or formally, according of the situation, and are in style this season.

An web presence might be useful for promoting slip-on shoes. Shoes can't avoid the format now that Gen Z and Millennials are searching the web for all of their fashion requirements. Slip-ons are an addition that may combine fashion and practicality in the majority of footwear categories. With Google Ads targeting long-tail keywords like "slip-on shoes for hiking," you can thus also promote them by category.

Ashwagandha fortified consumables

To avoid adverse effects, people frequently turn to herbal remedies. A root called ashwagandha is well known for its capacity to reduce stress and increase energy. The various advantages of Ashwagandha are being turned into ingestible products as a remedy for stress reduction, mood support, skincare, and women's health, including PCOS.

The best way to sell Ashwagandha products is to partner with wellness and medical industries. Strong, dependable, and ethical branding is necessary when promoting supplements for total wellbeing.

Protein bar A growing market for quick and efficient nutrition on the go has emerged as a result of weight management, the need for convenient food, and a lack of time to cook. This category includes protein and energy bars, and demand for them is anticipated to increase over time.

The best strategy is to target fitness and wellness niches. For such things, there is a sizable audience that is not necessarily into fitness. For this product, convenience and nutrition are its two main marketing strategies. Introduce the proper benefit to the appropriate audience.

Workspace furniture Employers are increasingly allowing their employees the flexibility of a hybrid work culture even while offices are reopened since they have realised the potential savings from having a WFH workforce. As a result, some pieces of home office furniture are still popular.

For instance, increased demand for items like standing desks is a result of increased health awareness surrounding prolonged sitting at work. Additionally, the adaptable design allows for the desk to be adjusted to suit different seating positions. As a result, it is the best purchase among non-adjustable tables with a strong market trend. This demonstrates the market potential for associated goods like adjustable laptop tables and ergonomic office chairs.

Such items might be promoted through corporate gifts or mobile marketing. Other options include using sponsored social media advertisements and sending clients stand-alone emails with brand information and offers. Another excellent choice is niche advertising. Influencer and affiliate marketing are additional options.

Vegetable chopper

In Indian kitchens, convenience is the new catchphrase. These helpful tools help customers who are cooking while juggling work and domestic duties save a lot of time and effort. Vegetable cutters that are reasonably priced, dishwasher-safe, and simple to clean after use are frequently in higher demand. According to Google Trends, search volume has increased recently. In 2022, the tendency is anticipated to continue.

The marketing materials and videos for this product must demonstrate how simple it is to use, how much time it saves, how versatile it is, and how durable it is. Additionally, direct advertisements to customers who have recently bought kitchen appliances like the one after it on the list.