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Who can be the live chat agent?

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What skills do the Live chat executive need to own?

Specialists must be proficient with PCs, rush to react and must-have information on any PC programming utilized by your business, just as your organization's items or administrations. Specialists ought to endeavor to be useful, convey expertly, and close live visit meetings with clients courteously.

Live chat support executive should have at least a graduation degree with excellent command of the English language.

Live chat specialists must have an excellent typing speed in order to interact with multiple clients.

It's an obvious fact that performing various tasks builds efficiency. With the assistance of the privilege live visit programming and performing various tasks specialists, each and every specialist can deal with 4-5 clients all at once.

Notwithstanding all the previously mentioned abilities, specialists must have the option to perform multiple tasks. Noting client questions through live visits requires client delegates to answer the client expeditiously while looking into additional data about the client. Subsequently, they can rapidly investigate the client's issue, and afterward, present an answer in an opportune way.

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Availability of Live chat support executive:

A Live chat support executive must be dedicated and flexible with any shift timings and incase of any pandemic situations such as COVID-19 they must be available with uninterrupted multi-channel network connectivity.

How rapidly live chat specialists need to react to clients?

Agents are required to react to client questions in less than three minutes. In any case, the normal reaction time differs from one industry to another. Hence, it's essential to look into industry benchmarks when setting reaction time assumptions for your representatives.